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Kale and Broccoli Bowl 2

Take it easy. Relax. Don’t worry about it. Chill out. Loosen up.

We’ve all heard these phrases before when we’re feeling stressed or anxious; however, the ability to unwind is easier said than done.

If you’ve got stress in your life, you’re definitely not alone. In Canada, where I live, nearly one in four Canadians reported feeling ‘extremely stressed’ in 2011. South of the border in the US, 44% of Americans say their stress levels have increased during the last five years.

Whether you’re worried about family, relationships, work or finances, stress isn’t all in your head. It migrates to your body, too. Relieving stress involves more than simply changing your mindset, since stress reaches beyond our brains and has a very real effect on our bodies.

Fortunately, there’s a lot that you can do to cope with the stress in your life. Stress management is most effective when we use a holistic approach, taking factors like diet, exercise, lifestyle, relationships and work into account.

In my new e-book, Stress-Free Eating, you’ll find plenty of information to help you understand how stress impacts your body and how you can use nutrition to support yourself in times of pressure.

Here’s what you’ll learn about:

  • How daily stress impacts your body
  • Stress-busting foods and how to manage stress using nutrition
  • Helpful herbs and superfoods
  • Calming lifestyle tips
  • Strategies to help you conquer emotional eating
  • How to identify foods that increase stress
  • Over 50 stress-supportive recipes that are plant-based, gluten-free and dairy-free

You can buy Stress-Free Eating for the Kindle and in PDF form.


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In the last couple of months, I’ve had an incredible time experimenting with writing e-books for the Kindle. The problem? Not everyone owns one.

Many of you have been asking for them to be available as PDFs. Being Type A and all, I had to research every single possibility for digital downloading. Then I got so lost in the information I became immobile, and completely unable to make a decision. Has that ever happened to you?

I decided that I should just lighten up: this is all a fun learning process. I’ll give one method a go, and if I don’t like it, I can always find another option. I think that’s probably true for most things.

Anyway, now you can buy Healthy Eating on a Budget and Healthy Desserts Made Easy online as PDFs. Yay!

Healthy Eating on a Budget includes my 10 best tips for saving money at the grocery store, plus more than 50 easy and delicious wallet-friendly recipes.

Healthy Desserts will show you how to indulge in your favourite sweet treats without the guilt.

Both books have recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, soy-free and egg-free.

Have some feedback on these books? Let me know! Give me a shout at info AT sondibruner.com.

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