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I get a lot of pitches from public relations people who ask me to review a product, share an article or interview an expert.

Most of the time, these suggestions are completely at odds with my nutritional philosophies. Like the time I was invited to a talk about barbecued meat and handmade leather goods. Or when I was asked to endorse ‘happy water’.

When I heard about Wise Bites, though, I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to try them. Wise Bites is a local company that bakes allergen-free treats using ingredients that don’t make me cringe.

The Wise Bites product line includes bars, cookies and muffins, along with bulk items like quinoa flour and dairy-free chocolate chips.

I sampled the chocolate chip cookie, triple ginger cookie, triple fudge cookie and the chocolate quinoa muffins.

The muffins were my favourite ā€“ they have a cupcake-like moist texture, a delicate chocolate flavour and a gentle sweetness. I also adored the chocolate chip cookie, which is delicately spiced and will spark your childhood cookie memories.

The triple ginger and triple fudge were certainly delicious, too, with a soft, fudgy consistency that reminded me more of an energy bar than a cookie. And don’t worry ā€“ you won’t notice the quinoa.

The only suggestion I have for Wise Bites is to consider using coconut oil in place of non-gmo canola, simply because I think that coconut oil is a healthier fat. But on the whole, Wise Bites is a healthy treat I would love to see in more grocery stores and local coffee shops!


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